Sterling Estates Custom Homes
Sterling Estates Custom Homes Sterling Estates Custom Homes Sterling Estates Custom Homes
Building Process

Brian Nobles’ passion for providing excellent customer service is paramount.  When building a custom home the buyer has the opportunity to make many more decisions than they might first realize.  Brian has proven methods to help manage the buyer’s confidence in their choices and decisions.

  • Brian gives the buyer “homework” with sufficient lead times.
    • The ultimate is then made with assurance that the buyer’s decisions has been vetted and well thought out.
  • Not all choices need to be made at the same time. 
    • For example, choices made regarding color should integrate the natural lighting of the home.  What looks lovely during the day may pale in comparison in the evening or under ambient lighting.  Brian gives the buyer the chance to make these comparison multiple times during the building process.
  • Decisions can be made using examples, various lighting angles, bringing samples to the site




Client Comments

"His attention to detail is unparalleled and his energy is contagious" -- Claudia Helmstaedter

"It was completed within budget and with an attention to detail beyond what is customary in the luxury home market today and our expectations." -- Richard Marcus

"We were able to count on him thru all phases of construction and never had to worry that we were taken advantage of, Brian's total hands-on approach worked great for us." -- Karen Schack

Sterling Estates, Inc.

  • Passion for building custom homes
  • Hands on approach
  • Superior experience
  • Excellent customer service